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yarroway ([personal profile] yarroway) wrote2016-10-06 11:41 am

Short Fic Is Short

From the Sick_Wilson Supernatural AU challenge. This is too long to be a drabble and too short to be anything else...

Wilson was the first and last person to use the new PET/CT machine. They'd thought he must be dead, but when House fought his way past the horrified spectators he found Wilson knocked out but alive beneath the rubble. Tests for radiation found his levels normal.

House scowled and said this wasn't possible, but it obviously was, so the hospital released Wilson after several days of observation.

A few days later Wilson's back began to itch, and a few weeks after that he grew wings. They were huge muscular things that could bear Wilson’s weight as he soared.

House, earthbound, gripped his cane and watched.

Between them they created a harness that would hold House comfortably, his back flush against Wilson's chest. The added weight cut down on Wilson’s stamina, but the two of them flew for hours, faces in the wind, riding the thermals.

House had always thought that riding a bike was the next best thing to flying. Now he knew it didn’t come close.

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