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Can't stop myself

I try to avoid political posts, but I have to link to this one image of VP Mike Pence at NASA

Reading is fundamental

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Probably doesn't matter. The Russians will eventually hack into Mission Control and blow it up.
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Yes indeedy they certainly are. That's where my doom and gloom comes from. Actually, the idea occurred to me earlier, during the malware attack on the Ukraine. Why stop at election data? Everything in our government including the military are run by computers. Our offensive and defensive strategies could be compromised.
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I knew what this was going to be even before I clicked on the link. O my America!*

*Apologies to John Donne for associating his words with this lunkhead. :D
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Saw this tonight (you may have seen it already but it was new to me) --

Pence says he touched space equipment because Marco Rubio dared him to.

// feeling of doom intensifies //
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As someone else said, this explains why he doesn't think he can be left alone with a woman who isn't his wife.
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NASA later tweeted it's okay, they were going to clean it anyway. I'm not sure if that's being gracious or giving a well-earned burn.
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It's basically a great visual metaphor for what this administration is doing to all of our scientific government agencies.
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So typical. Despite the warning, he does it anyway. What a twat.
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God, I hate these people. May they all die in a grease fire.